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427 Shelby Cobra

Here I present you with a beautiful 427 Shelby Cobra that started me trying to get more experience in Maya.

Initially, I was following a LinkedIn Certificate "Modeling Vehicles in Maya" as a means to improve my technical modeling skill in the 3D software, little I know that I would have so much fun. the course is based on showing you how to work with Ncurves, Snapshots between other functions that Maya has to offer and that when the course was finished I wanted to finish the model, to make a 1:1 to the reference material provided, and I have to say that I am proud of the result!

After I felt confident with how the model ended I tackled another area of Maya that was not approached on the course which was UV editing. I Have experience with it but for this project, I decided to use the UV as UDIM instead so I lean towards the film industry instead of the game industry as is in what I have more experience,

I continued importing my model into Unreal and used the "Car material Package" and the "Automotive Bridge Scene" to embellish the model with these beautiful materials.

Overall my goal was accomplished and was to finish this car modeling 100% in Maya, I needed it, after getting the certificate and seeing how the model was looking I needed to finish it, and paid off.

Thank you so much for passing by to read this!
Carlos Cusumano

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